Special Thanks to All Our Sponsors

Equipment & Contributions

The SLTP is very fortunate to have many generous supporters. One of the greatest challenges in providing a workplace experience like the SLTP is providing students with modern equipment. The vendors listed above have generously donated all of our major equipment. The equipment donated ranges from a log loader, skidder, carriages, electronic choker bells, power saws. Associated Oregon Loggers and other generous donors have helped created an equipment replacement fund.

Other logging operations throughout the Pacific Northwest have opened up their sites to allow the SLTP to see commercial logging. The hands on experience, and contributions from the professional logging community, give students an experience that the classroom cannot provide.

Please visit their websites by clicking on each picture above to further support our program.


While the students on the crew are the primary benefactors of the program, we provide tours, education and training to a wide variety of audiences.

Most of the students on our crew do not go on to be loggers. Their experience on the crew does allow them to become better foresters. Unit layout, production planning, contract administration and logging safety all require an in-depth knowledge of the logging process.

About the Instructor: Jeff Wimer

Jeff Wimer currently works as a senior instructor at Oregon State University where he manages the Student Logging Program. Prior to OSU he worked for his families logging and trucking company based out of Albany, OR. Wimer Logging Co. ran 4 tower sides and had 48 trucks.

Jeff serves as chairman of the Western Regional Council on Forest Engineering, is Vice President of the Oregon Logging Conference and Vice President of the Pacific Logging Congress.

Jeff has been active in logging safety since the beginning of his career and since 1997 he has been involved with rewriting the OR OSHA Forest Activities logging code. Since 2003 he has been performed just over 24 logging fatality investigations. Jeff has written three books on logging safety. Recently he has been involved with the WA Logger Safety Initiative performing third party audits.

For more information on Jeff, click here.